Jul 1 2015

Our video for Educational startup, Three Ring, is a great example of a character-driven explainer video. Three Ring offers amazing software that helps a variety of different people in the educational sector- students, teachers, parents and administrators- drive learning. Because there are so many inter-related people benefitting from Three Ring, we knew a character-driven explainer

Dec 30 2013

73% of US Adults are Using Social Networks

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The Pew Research Center’s Internet Project reports that 73% of US Adults are on at least one social networking site, and 42% are on two or more. As you can see from the following graph, adult social media activity has increased across the board from 2012 to 2013, with most activity happening on Facebook. Understanding

Nov 21 2013

70% of B2B marketers use a form of video in their overall strategies.

By Dara Schulenberg | Business 2 Community – Fri, Oct 18, 2013 How many videos has your prospect watched today alone? Chances are the answer is “several”. So a better question may be, “how many of those videos were from your brand?”. Video marketing is a significant opportunity for brand differentiation amongst business-to-business marketers today.

Nov 14 2013

From: ReelSEO – Samuel Cowden | Wednesday, 19 June 2013 Video is arguably the most effective means on the planet by which to market a brand. It has the ability to deliver your message to billions of humans simultaneously and convey the exact same, perfectly tailored, message to each pair of ears and eyes. However,

Nov 9 2013

Landing page videos will increase online sales. Read the tips from Unbounce to learn more.

When leveraged properly, videos are an effective online marketing tool. But how do you use them to attract more customers? Statistics confirm that adding one or more videos to your landing page (the first page that appears in response to a click, usually a click on a search engine results page or an advertisement) can

Oct 28 2013

Much like social media, video cannot solely be measured in terms of views and impressions. What’s more important than number of video views, is who those viewers are. Are they your target audience? Are they engaged? 5,000 views from the wrong demographic might lead to zero conversions, while 300 views from quality, targeted viewers might

Aug 30 2013

Explainer videos are everywhere these days. They are being utilized by companies hoping to educate their audience and ultimately convert them into customers. But are all explainer videos successful at increasing conversions? Definitely not. Companies with unsuccessful explainer videos have made at least one of the following extremely common mistakes. Review these before you buy,

Aug 26 2013

Have you heard of Tubestart? It’s the latest tool in crowdfunding opportunities! Creating any kind of video content takes resources – whether that’s time, equipment, knowledge, passion or budget. Plenty of the former and a little of the latter will get you on your feet but sooner or later, a lack of available funds will

Jul 10 2013

July 9, 2013 Source: Gaining popularity on social media is only half the battle. How do you convert those “Likes” into paying customers? According to data compiled by Wishpond, a maker of social-media marketing applications, 77 percent of business-to consumer (B2C) marketers have acquired customers through Facebook, while business-to-business (B2B) marketers have found more

Apr 29 2013

Check out these incredible insights into our future. 8 Exponential Trends That Will Shape Humanity: Century of the City State from sparks & honey