Jul 1 2015

Our video for Educational startup, Three Ring, is a great example of a character-driven explainer video.

Three Ring offers amazing software that helps a variety of different people in the educational sector- students, teachers, parents and administrators- drive learning. Because there are so many inter-related people benefitting from Three Ring, we knew a character-driven explainer video was the right way to go.

The storyline is told from the teacher’s perspective, since the software’s lifecycle really begins with her. We watch as the software captures everyday learning moments in the classroom, and then distributes them to parents and administrators. The characters make it easy to see that the software acted as a catalyst for conversation and understanding between these groups.

Does your product or service have a specific person or group of people that benefit from it? When you can point to a specific job title or detailed customer profile and how they benefit, then character-driven explainer videos are extremely effective.